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iQuran Pro v2.5.4 Apk Full App

iQuran Pro v2.5.4 Apk App

iQuran Pro v2.5.4 Apk Full App


Read the Koran in Arabic with its translation. Provides verse audio playback by verse, color-coded Tajweed, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigation controls, multiple translations and reciters and much more.
NOTE: “Read phone status” permission is only required to interrupt the recitation in case the phone is ringing or if you are making a call while the recitation is playing in the background .
With iQuran you enjoy:
* Color code Tajweed (pronunciation) Rules, the first and only Qur’an software to offer live rendering Tajweed rules.
* Zoom-in to enlarge Arabic writing
* Full landscape support
* Unlimited bookmarks and tags with notes
* Several translations
* Koranic supplications
* A powerful full-text search engine
* Several downloadable recitations for the verse story by the verse (supports gapless / continuous recitation for all reciters except Husary)
* Powerful audio controls with an option to group reading verses to help memorize
IQuran offers the following translations:
* English and transliteration
* German
* English
* Urdu (requires OS 3.0+)
* Farsi (requires operating system 3.0+)
* Espanol
* Turkish
* Dutch
* Japanese
The reciters included are:
* Cheikh Husary
* Mishary Al-Afasy
* Saood & Shuraim
* Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree
* Abdul Basit
* Mahir Al-Muayqali
IQuran has been designed to work on all Android devices.

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